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Random things

Sitting in the Film Unit office feeling very sleepy and contemplating going and actually catching a train home. Had a very good night at Fuzz. Due to stupidly waking up before 7 I was pretty tired by half 12 (and slightly drunk) but I decided to stay out and actually managed to wake up enough to enjoy dancing until it shut. Also by jumping on the end of a conga line I ended up in Bleach when they were playing the last song, the wonderful Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen, and bumped into Neil which gave me someone to dance with (although I think I would have happily danced on my own). After we left (very slowly and noisily), I then spent way too much time being carried round the concourse by Neil and Addam with some vague notion of kidnap and drunken parties. After I'd eventually managed to escape (this is harder than it sounds, you really don't wanna start hitting a drunk person whose carrying you upside down in case they suddenly lose their grip, and shouting 'helllllllllllllllp' doesn't seem to do much). Even when I was the right way up Addam kept standing in front of me to stop me running back to where Lewis was having a duel with some random blokes, although I eventually managed to get past Addam (slightly worryingly I sent my phone flying across the floor in the process, but it seems to be working so far, touch wood). Unfortunately by this point Lewis had gone home on his own for some reason and Addam and Neil had gone the other way, possibly to have a two person drunken party, so Chris walked me home, with a detour to his for tea and a loo break.

This weekend I'm going to Prague, which sounds a lot of fun, if something I really don't have time for. I'll have to read one of my history books on the train/plane/while walking around etc.

Didn't win either of the quizzes, although had a couple of good evenings. I also need an original superhero (well supervillian) costume for Paul's birthday in May. My ideas so far involve ice and/or fire (and costumes in blue, white and silver, and black, gold and red respectively. I also want a mask. And long gloves. And a cape. That makes me fly. And be able to shoot fire and ice from my fingers. And the power to turn invisible [ok Jen, calm down])
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Good point, guess I'll just find a dragon to fly around on. Further help and advice can be found at: