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Last night was fun. Went out in eighties fancy dress, I went as Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, lots of accessories and black (now who does that remind me of...). Kate and Tash wore ra ra skirts (kids tutus they'd squeezed into) and the Nikki was very neon, and they all had side pony tails and leg warmers. Ben had slicked back hair, a Frankie Says Relax T-shirt and a medallian, and Paul didn't look that different, but I think he was born in the wrong decade. There's something really good about going out looking terrible and doing embarassingly bad dancing, and not caring at all what you look like. I wonder what noughties fancy dress will look like though (I do hate that word, but I think we'll probably be stuck with it).

Feeling a bit aimless at the moment. After several weeks of classifying everything as 'I'll do it after my dissertation', I'm not really sure where to start. I'm around for another week though if anyone's about and fancies doing something. Otherwise I might have to do something scary like starting revision or applying for jobs or tidying my room.

If people fancy coming back to mine after Cinderella Man tonight that'd be good. Most of my flatmates will have gone home so we don't need to feel guilty about playing drinking games till 3 in the morning again. The only thing is people will need to bring drinks for said drinking games, but I guess people will be taking alcohol to the film.

Yay, it's the last day I have to look at my picture on the calender!

Bar One are doing a St. Georges Day thing, including 'The best English music of the last few decades... From The Beatles to The Clash, Wham & Duran Duran, through Oasis, Take That & The Spice Girls up to Arctic Monkeys and Girls Aloud.' Thoughts please.
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