spidergirl_jen's Journal

16 February
I'm Jen (I have other identities as Jennifer and Jenny but they're different parts of me; Jennifer's reasonably sensible, friendly, polite, doesn't swear or get too emotional too often, basically a censored and quite restrained version of me; Jenny's the part of me that's eternally trying to fit in and never quite managing, the part that does things I don't really want to do and lies about what I like and basically the part of me I am trying to obliterate but who creeps back when I'm feeling insecure; Jen I'm still working on but at the moment she's a sarcastic, friendly, reasonably intelligent, spider-loving shopoholic with a twisted imagination, a weird sense of humour and an extensive knowledge of useless triva. It's worth noting all three of my personalities love chocolate so this is always a good gift)

I'm 20 and a third year at the University of Sheffield studying history (without doing much studying), but I've met lots of lovely people (you know who you are) and joined film unit (like many of said lovely people) because I love films (I'm no good at listing my favourites so don't ask). Quite impressively I ended up as secretary after my first meeting, the fact that nobody else wanted to do it is so not the point here. This gives me an excuse to wear short skirts more than usual. I also found a lovely boyfriend in film unit (after months of complete denial and a couple of weeks of 'I really like spending time with him, I can talk to him about anything, I keep thinking about him, I feel weird about him having a girlfriend...but I don't like him or anything' style denial) so I'm really happy and would recommend joining to anyone (but point them in the direction of one of the other blokes).

I'm scarily unsporty, despite the gym membership, but I like walking once somebody's dragged me out there. I also like jumping out of high things, such as planes (ok the guy I was strapped to did the actual jumping but I got to hang off him in mid air trying not to think about scary things like ripping straps or the ground) and I want to try bungee jumping and jumping out of a plane on my own (luckily my mum doesn't use live journal!).

I like reading and even though Pride and Prejudice is probably my all time favourite, my guilty pleasure is a trashy novel and some chocolate (or hula hoops or skittles or Brad Pitt, I'm not fussy). I also need to know how Harry Potter and a Series of Unfortunate Events end, thinking Annie Wilkes had the right idea. I like going out and dancing, specially to really cheesy music or indie, although apparently my dancing gets better the more I drink so alcohol is usually involved (if you ever want to buy me a drink I really like fruity and sour cocktails, white wine, archers/vodka with orange/lemonade/other fruit juices - preferably all five - and gin and tonic). I'm very into Lost, Desperate Housewives (make the second series damn you), Neighbours and repeats of Simpsons, Friends and Sex and the City. For some unknown reason I also watch Hollyoaks (feel free to stop reading in disgust).

I also have a disturbing reliance on brackets.
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